Kyle Pflueger

I am a simple guy.





About Me

How I Work

My work style is simple. I like to use a repeatable process that allows for optimum creativity and efficiency. My roots are firmly planted in the styles of agile development which allows me to adapt and create quickly as I gather feedback from my clients in order to create a finished product that fully suits their needs.







How I Live



A proud father of 3 with a loving and supporting wife who doesn’t truly appreciate my impeccable sense of humor. In my time outside of being Dad, I can usually be found with an instrument of some kind. Maybe a kazoo. Or a chime. Sometimes just my hands and a steering wheel ready to take a beating.



(But not too hard). I am a firm believer in making time to stop and appreciate the world around you. Inspiration comes from many places and most of the time we don’t have to look far to find it. And when we do find the right kind of inspiration, the work becomes a lot more fun.



Conquering “mountains” is one of the ways I enjoy spending my free time. Other activities I enjoy are things like making gourmet frozen pizzas, pretending I am as good at sports as I once was, or pretending I am as good of a musician as I’d like to be.



If not already clear, I am also a strong supporter of not taking life too seriously. It is safe to say my children take after me in that regard. We like to laugh and we do so often. I read on the internet that if you laugh enough it will make you skinny and better-looking, so I guess you could say I exercise often.



Oct 2015 – Current

QA Engineer

SeatAdvisor, Inc.

I currently work as a QA Engineer at a ticketing software company based out of San Diego, CA. In this role, I am responsible for testing our product before it goes to market to ensure it is released without issue. I am also responsible for the creation, maintenence and improvements of our automated testing platform. In addition to being the last line of defense before we release to our customer base, I also assist the product management team in writing stories, developing requirements and outlining acceptance criteria for upcoming features and releases.

May 2014 – Oct 2015

QA Engineer

Zurple Inc.

My first taste of agile software development came at a real estate software company that leveraged behavioral marketing to generate business for our customers. After 6+ years of customer support in real estate software, I transitioned into a QA role that allowed me to learn the basics of everything from MySQL to JavaScript to PHP.

Sept 2010 – May 2014

Senior Customer Service Representative

Zurple Inc.

When I began at Zurple, my role included handling everything from customer billing to IDX processing. Having such a wide range of responsibilities allowed me to learn a great deal about the real estate industry, and specifically online real estate marketing. In this role I helped create several training processes, personally handled VIP customers, trained new employees on best practices and much more.

March 2010 – Sept 2010

New Client Set Up

220 Marketing

After getting my feet wet in real estate marketing at Z57, I had a quick stop at 220 Marketing before moving on to Zurple Inc.

March 2009 – March 2010

Senior Account Manager

Z57 Internet Solutions

My first experiences in real estate marketing came at Z57 where I was personally responsible for managing the success of over 100 different real estate agents and brokers.



Grossmont College


Grossmont High School


Lutheran High School of San Diego



WordPress is one of these most powerful tools available for building an online presence. With a seemingly endless list of choices, it can become overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the platform. After personally vetting hundreds of plugins, themes, and features, I have the know-how to help you build a lean WordPress platform from install to launch.


Whether a well-known enterprise or just starting out, building a brand is imperative to online success. I do my best to encompass the essence of your business within simple, straightforward designs.


If it’s a ground-up approach you are looking for, I’ve got that covered too. Sometimes what you need is a full-blown custom website design. When that’s the case look no further. In a mobile-first world, be sure your website is up to snuff with a mobile-friendly design.


The internet is a daunting place for the uninitiated. There are several ways to build an online presence, but it all starts with you. My goal is to understand what you need in an online business model and help you create one that fits your needs. Advanced analytics allow us to make the right decisions for your business to ensure your online success.


With a background in agile software development, my goal is to help you create and organize your project in a way that allows for efficient planning, meticulous understanding, and tangible results.


Victory Church & Christian Academy





A custom WordPress integration for Rainy Day Parade Music Studios in Chula Vista, CA.